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Part Two | Passion for Design, Innovation and the Modular Concept.

The Story Behind the PARKITECT Modular Pumptrack   (Note: This is part two of our founder’s series. Part one can be found here). The journey to becoming PARKITECT has been both fun and exciting, not dissimilar to our pumptracks. Today, we are manufacturers of premium Modular Pumptracks, specialists in inclusive fun for all. Our strong track record of producing high-quality products is a direct consequence of years of testing, iteration and innovation. This deep history refined our processes, perfected our designs and made thousands of happy riders and customers. These experiences make us who we are today and so we’re sharing our story through this founder’s series of blog posts.  


Part One | From Pro Rider to Bikepark Architect to Pumptrack Manufacturer

Find your inner child. Step on the track. Ride. Do you remember the feeling you get in your gut during a big drop on a roller coaster? That weightless feeling that evokes childhood memories of being thrown into the air and caught by daddy over and over again or being swung in circles by a beloved uncle (while mom looked on and anxiously insisted, “Please be CAREFUL!”) We believe that feeling is the perfect physical manifestation of “fun.” This is the feeling that drove our founder Erik Burgon to eventually design the PARKITECT Modular Pumptrack. He wanted to create moments of weightlessness and pure joy, making childlike bliss easily accessible to riders of wheeled sports equipment, regardless of age or skill level.