The most enduring and popular toys are the inspirational modular systems that can be configured in endless combinations, inspiring millions of children of all ages. Think LEGOs, Erector sets, and Lincoln Logs.

    Modular toy systems provide children with construction elements that inspire the imagination while fostering problem-solving, spatial awareness, and communication skills.

    Our modular pumptracks provide innovative recreation opportunities that help fight childhood obesity while engaging children in many of the same beneficial ways of inspirational modular toy systems. 

    With that in mind, we are thrilled to see our modular pumptracks showcased with two of the world’s most popular modular toy system brands. Read on to learn more about the benefits of inspirational modular systems, and see images of our modular pumptracks at the global “LEGO House” headquarters in Denmark, and at the VSA Extreme Hot Wheels pumptrack installation in Czechia.


    Benefits of Modular Play Systems and Modular Pumptracks

    A PARKITECT modular pumptrack at the Sandstone Point Holiday Resort

    A PARKITECT modular pumptrack at the Sandstone Point Holiday Resort.

    Modular play systems or toys are made up of many independent parts that can be put together in different combinations to create different outcomes. Children get involved in strategic thinking and planning, take action and get to experience the real-world implementation of their ideas. This self-directed modular system play yields many benefits.


    Kids play with Hot Wheels modular track systems at a public event featuring a Hot wheel branded pumptrackKids play with Hot Wheels modular track systems at a public event featuring a Hot Wheels branded pumptrack.

    Modular Play Expands Imaginations

    Modular play systems encourage creativity and imagination by allowing the individual or group the freedom to create whatever kind of structure or fantasy they can imagine.

    Modular pumptracks encourage imagination as well, as demonstrated by the unending innovations of tricks, scenarios, and riding techniques that evolve on our pumptracks.

    Modular Play Encourages Problem-solving

    Modular toy play starts with imagining what you want to create, then problem-solving how to make it using the available elements. You experience trial and error, identify problems, and adapt your plans as needed.

    Playing on modular pumptracks likewise encourages riders to imagine what they want to do on the track and then problem-solve how to achieve that goal, going through phases of trial and error and adaptation.

    Modular play builds spacial awareness - a biker does a jump on one of our modular pumptracks

    Modular Play Develops Spatial Awareness

    Modular construction toys help children gain an understanding of how different shapes work together to create new structures. These toys require physical manipulation, using gross and fine motor skills, and developing hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

    Developing spatial awareness is also a skill developed while riding on modular pumptracks. Riders develop an awareness of the features of the pumptrack, how they can navigate it, while also being aware of other riders on the track.

    This increased spatial awareness and movement contribute to the goal of reducing obesity through play.

    Modular Play Fosters Patience and Concentration

    Modular construction takes time and concentration. Players get engaged in sorting, inventorying, and organizing pieces. The construction process involves trial and error, and players may need to go back to redesign or rebuild something.

    Pumptrack riding also requires patience and concentration. Not every maneuver or trick the rider imagines is achieved right away. Riders need to practice their skills to improve. More advanced skills require even more focus and attention.

    Modular Play Promotes Social Integration, Cooperation, and Communication

    Modular play systems are ideal for group play, fostering the sharing of creative ideas, collaboration, negotiation skills, listening skills, new vocabulary, and increased confidence speaking in groups.

    Modular Play Encourages Inclusive Recreation

    Modular play systems provide opportunities for inclusive recreation, where participants with different abilities and disabilities can play together in building new creations. Similarly, modular pumptracks can provide access and support to riders of mixed abilities to ride and play together.



    PARKITECT Modular Pumptracks Featured Aside Two Popular Modular Toy Brands: LEGO and Hot Wheels

    Kudos to Skatepark Billund Project whove been moving one of our modular pumptracks around Billund for all to enjoy, including in front of the LEGO house

    Kudos to Skatepark Billund Project who've been moving one of our modular pumptracks around Billund for all to enjoy, including in front of the LEGO house, and who provided the photos for this article.
    PARKITECTs modular pumptrack featurese the Hot Wheel brand in partnership with VSA Extreme to promote extreme sportsPARKITECT's modular pumptrack features the Hot Wheel brand in partnership with VSA Extreme to promote extreme sports.


    Recently, two major modular toy system brands got involved with our modular pumptracks. Call it inspiration, call inevitable. Either way, we are ”pumped” to see Parkitect modular pumptracks installed and ‘on tour’ with these popular toy brands.

    Modular Pumptrack Installed at LEGO House

    Volunteers from the Skatepark Billund Project in front of the Lego House and PARKITECTs modular pumptrackVolunteers from the Skatepark Billund Project sit in front of the Lego House on one of our modular pumptracks.


    LEGO is perhaps the world’s most popular modular toy system. What better place to install a modular pumptrack than at the “Home of the Brick”, LEGO House in Billund, Denmark?

    Local families in Billund, seeking to establish more skate facilities for kids and adults, created the Billund Skatepark Association. The group coordinated fundraising for a modular pumptrack that can be moved to different locations around the city. The LEGO family provided funds to support the project.

    “Billund is a fast-growing little town at the moment as LEGO built their new big HQ in the center. Since much of Billund is under construction, the modular pumptrack is a great solution for us as we are able to change places,” says parent and skater Auriane Knapp.

    LEGO House offers creative experiences for LEGO fans, school groups, and companies seeking inspirational experiences for their teams. The skatepark association’s modular pumptrack has been hosted by LEGO House two times this past year.

    “The Parkitect Pumptrack is easy to handle,” said Auriane Knapp. “It’s like a big LEGO set. We are parents, not professional builders, and we managed to build and unbuild the modular pumptrack several times already.”

    Moving and setting up the pumptrack in new locations is a community effort as well. “We have such a good and fun building experience with the Parkitect Pumptrack,” says Knapp. “We are so proud, even some kids and teenagers help us when we build and unbuild it.”


    LEGO House users come to the pumptrack, even if they don’t have anything to ride with. “They just run on it and it’s a lot of fun for them with those waves and curves,” says Knapp.

    The pumptrack in Billund has become a gathering place wherever it is set up in the city. “Kids and teenagers are able to meet in a common place and have more social interactions,” notes Knapp. Here are a few more pictures of the installations.

    PARKITECTs modular pumptrack on display outside the Lego headquarters, a leader in modular play

    PARKITECT's modular pumptrack on display outside the Lego headquarters, a leader in modular play.
    LEGO house has hosted PARKITECTs modular pumptrack twice this year
    LEGO house hosted PARKITECTs modular pumptrack twice this past year.
    The Lego family provided funds in support of The Billund Skakepark Association


    Hot Wheels Pumptrack

    A PARKITECT modular pumptrack displays the Hot Wheels brand, a leader in the toy sector that also uses modular systems

    Hot Wheels partnered with VSA Extreme to host events that encourage kids to try something new, and featured its brand on one of our modular pumptracks.

    Hot Wheels is a brand of die-cast toy cars that ride on a modular system of tracks, ramps, jumps, and ‘boosters’. Experimentation is one of the toy’s top play activities. As part of its marketing strategy, the brand is seeking to be more connected to summer extreme sports.

    Developed in partnership with extreme sports production company VSA Extreme, the Hot Wheels Pumptrack is a portable 37-meter track used by children, youth, adults, and professional athletes, though the bulk of the impact is in engaging kids to be active and help fight childhood obesity.

    “We want to motivate all kids to do some sports. We offer them a new sport to try on the pumptrack, maybe motivate them,” says Jan Valenta at VSA Extreme.

    Kids ride along a modular pumptrack at an event sponsored by Hot Wheels, produced by VSA Xtreme

    A youngster rides the berms of PARKITECTs modular pumptrack at an event put on my VSA Xtreme for Hot Wheels

    While VSA Extreme produces big shows and sponsors a youth extreme sports team, the company uses its modular pumptrack in a variety of settings with a mix of populations.

    “Our work is not only about big shows. We bring action sports closer to kids and the public. We do shows and workshops every weekend, at different locations. The modular pumptrack is perfect for this,” says Valenta.

    The Hot Wheels Pumptrack was recently at the Breda & Weinstein Shopping Centre, in Opava, Czechia for an exhibition and open riding for shopping center visitors. All of the photos from the events are courtesy VSA Xtreme, thank you!

    We hope you enjoy the photos below and all the photos from these incredible installations as much as we do. Cheers! 🥂

    Two athletes fly on one of our modular pumptracks at an event sponsored by Hot Wheels and produced by VSA Xtreme.JPGA biker performs a trick on one of our modular pumptracks at an event sponsored by Hot Wheels and produced by VSA XtremeA modular pumptrack manufactured by PARKITECT was a major feature of an event hosted by VSA Xtreme, sponsored by Hot WheeelsI'm interested in bringing a pumptrack to my community.