Modular pumptracks can bring in hundreds of riders a day and hundreds more spectators that watch them go around the track.

    Kids, adults flock to ride a busy modular pumptrack

    Kids and visitors on a busy modular pumptrack

    For an event organizer, the buzz of a pumptrack competition promises crowds, fun, excitement and a unique experience. Close, competitive racing brings in spectators and broadens the impact of the event. Within the fun and spectacle of racers riding, there are results to be posted, there’s drama, winners called by thin margins, and upsets by upcoming athletes.

    For amateur pumptrack riders, there is something special about the feeling of being part of something bigger. An awareness of higher levels of riding and competition. Young people can benefit from seeing themselves within a larger setting, and the thrill of competing with other skilled riders locally, regionally, even around the world.

    And with all of that said...

    🎉  We are excited to announce the development and growth of our Modular Pumptrack Challenge! 🎉


    VSA Xtreme, a sports event company, has been offering the modular pumptrack challenge. Follow their IG to stay in the loop.

    Standardization Levels the Global Playing Field

    PARKITECT started the Modular Pumptrack Challenge to make pumptrack riding and racing a global affair, where riders compete on a standardized track with professional timing equipment.


    Every event uses the same modular pumptrack design, with the same length, number of turns and bumps. A lap time recorded at one event in one location is directly comparable to a lap time at another event at another location.

    Professional standardized timing systems record the rider’s time, so they can compare their times directly against other riders. Event organizers use digital timing equipment. These timing systems are widely available, and many event organizers already have this equipment.

    This allows riders to track their progress and compare their skills with riders across the world.

    The MPC is aimed at amateur riders of all ages, though it is primarily a youth-oriented series.

    Race event organizers throughout the world use the same track design and use standardized timing equipment, so that every rider is competing using the same parameters.

    Many events have been held already, mostly in Czechia, with individuals recording their times around the tracks.

    Event organizers like VSA Extreme track rider times on tracks across four cycle-sport categories:

    • Bike
    • Scooter
    • Board
    • BMX & MTB

    Best times are entered into our MPC race ranking results page. Every year finals are held to determine that year’s amateur champions.

    Close Competition Across Multiple Locations

    Racers on bike, scooter, skateboard or BMX can now participate in a modular pumptrack challenge. Riders enjoy a modular pumptrackAnd wow, it’s been an exciting year already. As we write this post, the competition across five events is close - the difference between the top two riders in the bike category is only .066 seconds, and the difference between the top two scooter riders only .004 seconds.

    While most riders are youth or young-adults, the age range of recorded riders is wide (6-46 years), demonstrating that pumptrack riding and amateur competition is an all-ages activity.

    Female riders on scooters across three locations showed top times within just 1.7 seconds of each other, with riders at a fourth location right behind them.

    There’s still a lot of the MPC riding season ahead before this year’s finals. As riders improve their skills over the season, we are likely to see even closer competition at each event, and across multiple events.

    How to Participate in the Modular Pumptrack Challenge

    Thus far, all MPC events have taken place in Czechia, hosted by VSA Xtreme. Find their next event by following the Instragram account modularpumptrackchallenge.

    If you want to get in on the action on your own, come back to this post or the Modular Pumptrack Challenge page soon where we'll be adding instructions in the near future.

    How To Host A Modular Pumptrack Challenge Event

    Are you interested in hosting a MPC event? The beauty of modular pumptracks is that you don’t even need to own one! You can rent a pumptrack, or hire an event organizer that has the pumptrack, timing equipment and the experience to help you make your first pumptrack competition a success - and part of something bigger.

    Contact us to get started in planning your Modular Pumptrack Challenge or click the button below.

    Rent a pumptrack to host a Modular Pumptrack Challenge

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