Award-Winning Pumptracks

    What’s better than a pumptrack? Pumptracks that have been recognized through awards for their awesomeness.

    We’re excited to bring you our second installment of “World’s Most Awesome Pumptracks,” (you can find the first one here,) and with this post we’re featuring parks or pumptracks that are award-winning. Whether the park or pumptrack design, the featured tracks here have all won awards or been a part of an award-winning installation. Most importantly, they make the world a fun, more active, place.

    The first two projects feature our award-winning tracks (and coincidentally are both located in Austria). Over the years, PARKITECT has won numerous awards recognizing our tracks for their innovative design and resilience, including:

    1. ISPO Brandnew Award (2014/2015)
    2. ISPO Gold Award (2016/2017)
    3. Eurobike Award (2015)
    4. Budma Gold Award (2014)

    But for us, the real joy is seeing what happens after a pumptrack installation, and sharing the love. So without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to these awesome pumptracks.

    1. PARKITECT pumptracks at the Bike Skills Park (Radmotorikpark) in Vienna, Austria.

    PARKITECTs modular pumptrack is used at the Radmotorikpark in Vienna, AustriaRed and blue PARKITECT modular pumptracks were installed as part of the skill building Radmotorikpark in Vienna, Austria. Photo credit: Kristina Kaksis.

    Location: Vienna, Austria

    Track material: Composite

    Why we love it: The tracks bright red and blue colors; the surrounding accessible bike and wheeled sports park.

    About the Radmotorikpark in Vienna:

    Our latest installation in Vienna, Austria features two pumptracks - one red and one blue. They are part of a unique and important skill-building park. The pumptracks' colors match the rest of the park, which features 17 different stations along a one-direction route where riders can practice and have fun. Aside from the pumptrack, there is:

    • A wheel volcano 
    • A pole slalom
    • Gripping targets (balloon-shaped balls dangling in photo above)
    • Elevated balancing route
    • A vibrating slope
    • Sleepers
    • Rails
    • Cobblestones

    By honing your riding skills at this circular course, you help the project achieve one of it’s foremost goals: to develop safer, more confident wheeled athletes. The park is not just for cyclists either: non-motorized scooters, skateboards, (inline) skates and wheelchairs are welcome. For those looking for guidance, there are trainers available Friday, Saturday and Sunday 2 - 6 P.M. And all of this for absolutely free.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we all had access to such a fun place?

    2. PARKITECT pumptrack at St. Corona am Weschel Erlebnis Arena (St. Corona am Wechsel Adventure Park), district of  Neunkirchen, Austria.

    PARKITECTs modular pumptrack is just one part of the small bike park at St. Conora am WeschelPARKITECT's modular pumptrack is just one part of the small bike park at St. Conora am Weschel. Photo credit: Vicky Liebtdich's blog.

    Location: Sankt Corona am Wechsel, Austria

    Track material: Composite

    Why we love it: It's part of a larger adventure park in the panoramic mountains of Austria; it’s proximity to year-round fun and special outdoor sports areas, including mountain biking and a mini-bike park.

    About the pumptrack at the Erlebnis Arena in St. Corona am Weschsel:


    This mountain town in Austria is an adventure sports and recreation sanctuary year-round with their Erlebnis Arena (loosely translates to Adventure Park or Area) constructed on a hillside. Their mini bike park features one of our super fun pumptracks and a two-trail system, accessible through a 90m conveyor belt that runs through a tunnel, delivering riders to the top of the hill. One trail is for beginners while the other is better for those with more experience. While you improve your mountain biking skills, enjoy the breath-taking scenery, good for clearing your head and supercharging your mental health.

    Besides the mini-bike park, the sheer number of amenities here are mind-blowing. Here is a list of just the summer activities:

    • Toboggan run - whip 850m downhill around the curves and roundabouts on an above ground track with speed-controlled carts. 
    • Motor skills park - explore 25 stations to improve your stability and fitness including balancing on logs suspended from ropes, walking above ground perched on rocks affixed to poles of varying heights, or hang out in aerial globes connected by a rope system.
    • Ant trail - learn why the region’s ants are important and explore the forest as you follow this 2.5 km trail lined with 15 educational checkpoints.
    • Wexl trails - a major draw during the summer; ride these mountain biking trails with views and thrills galore. A deluxe tour, shuttle service, rentals and bike school are also available.
    • Stand-up paddling - head to the reservoir to cool off while learning or practicing stand-up paddling.
    • Hiking - explore nature’s beauty and witness stunning vistas. Hikes range from stroller-friendly to full-day excursions.
    • Playground - always a good thing to have on hand to keep children’s imaginations and bodies busy.

    There’s also winter recreation here - skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and more. 

    This outdoor paradise at Sankt Corona am Wechsel provides so much accessible recreation that it seems there’s sure to be something for everyone here. We’ll get behind that every time.

    3. Holben/Te Wharangi Reserve Pumptrack, Foxton Beach, New Zealand

    Holben  Te Wharangi Reserve Pump Track in Horowhenua, New Zealand

    The asphalt pumptrack at Foxton Beach/Te Wharangi Reserve in New Zealand is beautifully incorporated with the surrounding landscape. Photo credit: Horowhenua District Council.

    Location: Foxton Beach, New Zealand

    Track material: Asphault

    Why we love it: 2019’s “Active Park of the Year”, community engagement, integration with natural surroundings.

    About the Pumptrack at Foxton Beach:


    We love when communities take an active role in what they want out of their local parks and municipalities. Opened in 2018, the pumptrack at Foxton Beach in New Zealand is a treasured place, because it was built as a true partnership between the municipality and the local community.

    In 2019, the landscape architecture firm Boffa Miskell completed a project with the goal to minimize the visual impact of the pumptrack by incorporating it into the natural landscape surrounding it. In other words, make it beautiful too. The firm was successful, and because of their work, the community engagement and the local draw, the pumptrack helped the park win “Active Park of the Year” from the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects. Here is the description of the award:

    "Active Park of the Year recognises an active adventure or sports park with an outstanding natural environment. Applicants must demonstrate innovation; community engagement in the development or operation of the park; overall excellence; achievement of intended goals; budgetary efficiency and effectiveness; and financial, environmental and social sustainability."

    The pumptrack is a magnet for the region, with nearly half of all of its visitors coming from outside of the municipality and district, and gets very busy during the weekends and holidays. The region’s local community board director noted that it has impacted the local economy - cafes and motor parks have noticed a correlation between the track’s popularity and an increase in business. Oh and did we mention the pumptrack is just a quarter mile walk to the beach?

    The pumptrack in the town of Foxton, New Zealand is widely embraced by the surrounding community and is beautifully integrated into the surrounding landscape.

    The pumptrack in the town of Foxton, New Zealand is widely embraced by the surrounding community and is beautifully integrated into the park. Photo credit: Boffa Miskell.

    Foxton Beach, New Zealand

    For these many reasons, we applaud the Foxton Beach Pumptrack and its thriving community, and are adding it to our list.

    4. Velosolutions Pumptrack, centra sporta kvartāls, Riga, Latvia

    Location: Central sport square (Centra sporta kvartāls) in Riga, Latvia

    Track material: Asphault

    Why we love it: Its massive size and the even larger surrounding public sports park; free for all.

    About the Pumptrack at Riga’s Central Sport Square:


    It’s hard to imagine that a place as incredible as the central sport square in Riga exists as a completely free public amenity. The giant public sports facility includes an incredible 3,000 square meter pumptrack created by Velosolutions that will stop you in your tracks:

    Velosolutions asphault pumptrack at Rigas Central Sport SquareVelosolutions’ asphault pumptrack that is part of central sports square in Riga, Latvia is 3,000 square meters. Photo courtesy of Velosolutions.

    The massive four hectare sports center square in Riga, Latvia features a 3000m2 asphault pumptrack by Velosolutions.

    The massive four hectare sports center square in Riga, Latvia includes an asphault pumptrack by Velosolutions and is free and open to the public. Photo courtesy of Ghetto Games.

    The pumptrack is adjacent to a wooden adventure skills track ideal for youngsters and novices alike to learn the ropes. The larger sports park encompasses four hectares and includes:

    • A soccer field
    • Two beach volleyball fields
    • Two multifunctional fields
    • A basketball court
    • A long jump practice section
    • An enormous playground
    • A skate park
    • Equipment rentals
    • Restrooms and changing rooms

    The space was renovated in 2017, and with lights, surveillance cameras and a restored historical fence enclosure, it’s no surprise that this exceptional and colorful space took 1st place at the Latvian Construction Awards in the category of public outdoor space.

    The wooden adventure skills track in Riga, Latvias central sport square is ideal for novices

    The wooden adventure skills track in Riga, Latvia's central sport square is ideal for novices. Photo courtesy of Velosolutions.
    A younster (or future pro) tries out the wooden skills course next to the pumptrack at center sports square in Riga, LatviaThe wooden skills course next to the pumptrack at center sports square Riga, Latvia
    A youngster (or future pro) tries out the wooden skills course. Photos courtesy of Velosolutions.
    If you want to get people active in your community, create free, accessible fitness opportunities. The Velosolutionss asphault pumptrack in Riga, Latvia is part of an amazing public sport center.
    If you want to get people active in your community, create free, accessible fitness opportunities. The Velosolutions's asphault pumptrack in Riga, Latvia is part of an amazing public sport center. Photo courtesy of Velosolutions.

    This pumptrack was the 1st pumptrack in Riga and is tremendously popular; every day several hundred visitors crowd the tracks. It also hosts various events each year to promote environmentally-friendly modes of transport during “European Mobility Week,” and was the location of the UCI Red Bull Pumptrack World Championships qualifier for two years in a row.

    If you want even more of a reason to visit, our colleagues at Velosolutions have told us that the small country of Latvia which boasts a population of less than two million, is a veritable “pumptrack paradise,” with 14 installations completed to date and more on the way. This proves what we already know so well: when given the chance, pumptracks generate a ton of fun and excitement, and demonstrate their ROI as an innovative public sports facility many times over.

    Where are your favorite pumptracks? Have you seen other types of innovative recreation you’d like to share? What award-winning pumptracks, parks or public recreation spaces should we check out?
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